i'm always leery of recommending resources i haven't used in 1+ years due to:

- how often the language gets updated

- how often the professionals that use it change how they use it

- how often new libraries/frameworks are introduced

- how often the resources i recommended have changed their pedagogy/curriculum/pricing model

knowing that, i second kyle's suggestion with a twist. use scrimba.com AND freecodecamp.org first, simultaneously. both use a great interactive, in-browser editing environment that let you come back to your old progress and review/edit (precursor to gists), and both do it in unique ways that only you (mike) will be able to judge which is better for your learning style.

once you figure out which of the two is better for your learning style to help you stay consistent, then move onto javascript30.com.

i have never used fullstackopen.com.

it's also equally important to get involved with both communities (freecodecamp + scrimba). when i say 'involved' i mean joining their discord/slack/gitter communities (whichever either uses) and engage in a discussion/question/review with words (not just emoji's/reactions/like buttons wtfetc). sure you're an accomplished CAD designer that's been in the workforce and already know how to talk to co-workers. it's different with software co-workers and you'll learn how to interact with that difference by engaging in these communities. also, you need more than just one mentor (zach) to learn and stay consistent.

freecodecamp's JS course: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/

scrimba's free JS class: https://scrimba.com/learn/learnjavascript

scrimba's complete catalog: https://scrimba.com/allcourses

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Jul 29, 2022Liked by Michael Green

freecodecamp.org, javascript30.com, and then fullstackopen.com

in that order :D

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