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2017 is the Year for React Apps

by Zach Silveira •  Filed under react
Last year, I created a large client side app, using webpack v1, react router v2, and React. It taught me a lot about the state of JavaScript development. With the new year coming, I am going to make a prediction. Things are stabilizing. Does anyone else remember when Grunt was...

End to End Testing (with React)

by Zach Silveira •  Filed under testing, react
Edit I now prefer It's SO much nicer. I may write a post on it soon, but this post still may help you :) Recently, I read an article on testing that said unit tests are pointless. I'm inclined to agree. Why not focus on writing integration tests? Hit...

Webpack in Production

by Zach Silveira •  Filed under react, webpack
I've been working on a pretty large react-router codebase at work. Currently it has around 50~ code splits, which as you can imagine, is a lot of routes. This is going to be a post on the things I've learned throughout building out my development / production config and how we...

Your First Immutable React & Redux App

by Zach Silveira •  Filed under react
I've been back from Nodevember for two days now. I took a coworker with me who hasn't used javascript in years. After the conference he's been asking me non-stop on how to get started with React. This is aimed at people who understand javascript but have never used node. Even...