Random Project Ideas
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Random Project Ideas

Over the past few years, I've kept a short list of project ideas. Some of them I'll never have time to build. For this reason I'm going to share a few ideas today, and also a few domains that I'm willing to give away if you're interested in taking the idea.


Browser Stalking

A JS snippet you embed on any site, installable through npm, that will track a user's mouse position and scroll position. This will allow you to simulate viewing a user's screen and watch them as the owner of the site. Add heat maps and other cool things. This does exist but the few products I've not seen it pulled off well. I've built something like this for a site at work. Including a live chat system that lets you see as the user types and even their cursor position in the text field, before they hit enter!

Inactivity Tracker

An inactivity app. Can be done in React Native. The basic idea is that you track the hours your phone is sitting still. It has one screen that shows how many hours you were sitting still not doing anything. You could add a friend system and compete with friends!

Intuitive time tracking

Some sort of freelance calculator. It would track any time when your phone is face down. This might not be practical, but maybe the idea will spark a better idea in someone else :)

Gamify Going To Work

Checkin System. Gamify coming to work. Any time you walk into an office, track the hours at work with beacons or gps. Give badges for being at work the longest, coming in earliest, etc.

Live Bash Output

Live bashboard. Yes, bash-board. Make an internal site that anyone on your team can go to, or put it on a display. Make a command line tool with anything. Can be node, rust, whatever. Any time you pipe output into it (ls | bashboard), the data shows on the site you made for anyone in the office to look at.

Webhook Tool

Archive and search webhook content. Make an endpoint, anyone can send webhooks to that archives everything and displays incoming traffic in real time.

Automate Server Setup

There's things like ansible that can setup servers already. It would be nice to have a binary that could do things like blah generate nginx-config --site zach.codes and it would grab the latest config from mozilla's recommended configs, and output the file. You can imagine having a lot more functionality built in.

Sealable Lids

Not coding related: sealable drink lids so that delivery people don't need to tape lids on or worry about them spilling from drive throughs. If you can make a seal around a straw, and make this really cheap in bulk, you could make a lot of money.


Feel free to tweet me or reply below if you're interested in any of these. I'll transfer them for the right price. (Just kidding, I'm giving them away for free)

  • codeit.me
  • return.sh
  • webhook.sh
  • reactjsdocs.com
  • destructu.re
  • blogaweso.me


I hope this helps spark some ideas for you. I've spent countless hours looking up project ideas and thinking up various things to build. Please leave a comment if anything here inspired you! Don't forget to subscribe for my latest posts :)

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