One Year Later
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One Year Later

Last November I committed to blogging once a month. Blogging has helped me in multiple ways and I would encourage anyone in the software industry to try it. Multiple people have reached out wanting to work with me.

Even more people have corrected and helped me realize mistakes in my logic. This isn't a bad thing! Many times I would write knowing ahead of time people would criticize and help me find a better way to do something. Blogging for me is a conversation.

If you see people asking a question you solved recently, write about it. It's going to help others and find an even better solution than the one you're suggesting, I guarantee it. With that being said, here's the posts I was most excited about over the past year in no particular order.

Supercharging Frontend Development with VS Code

Autofocus inputs in React Native

Auth in GraphQL (the right way)

Handling Client Side App Updates

Building a Card Swiper in React Native

GraphQL Query Batching Solutions

Finding the Best Clients

2017 is the year for React apps
Human Readable AJAX Requests

Useful Laravel Snippets

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