Next Steps...
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Next Steps...

Next Steps...

TL;DR: I am going to be much more active blogging and recording video content. I am also starting to offer premium tutorials and articles around coding. Next week is the first batch of new content that I hope you find interesting :)

As of this writing, I haven't blogged in about 6 months. Prior to that, it had been even longer.

If you don't remember me, you probably subscribed to my blog over the past 3 years. Maybe you read my post on service workers or something about GraphQL. You also may have just stumbled upon this if you're one of my few Twitter followers. Anyways, I'll get to the point.

I've been working on a React state management course for Todd Motto at Ultimate Courses for the past couple months. It's not something most of my readers would be interested in, as you probably already know React, and got interested in my blog because of the more unique blog posts and content that I usually create.

It's made me realize that I enjoy making content, and I think I might end up being good at video courses after all! Of course, this remains to be seen. My course may end up with horrible reviews ;)

The point is, I want to start doing this with more of my time, but I want to carve out a niche for myself on my personal site at the same time. Beginner coding content is everywhere, and that's fine. There's room for some more advanced, out of the box subjects, and I want to cover these.

The Plan

I want to start releasing two pieces of content every Friday. Long term, I want this to be two videos / posts. One will always be free, and posted here. The other will be premium, that I'm hoping some people will subscribe to. I'm asking for $2 a month, $20 a year for my content.

Currently, I am finishing up my React series, and will only be doing one piece of content per week at the most. I want to share unique ideas around software development. If there's anything you'd suggest, or any feedback you'd like to give, send me an email or tweet me @zachcodes. I've wondered if content creation is something that I can devote more time to. Since I now have the luxury of a four day work week, I have a bit more time in-between coding and Ironman training :)

Sneak Peak

In the next week, expect a blog post about how I created a webpack loader, that lets you directly import server-side JS code as if it was frontend JS. Here's a sneak peak

With this piece of magic, you can import a function from a frontend JS file, and run that piece of code on the backend. Server side code can live right next to your frontend logic. I thought this was pretty magical, if I could import something from 'lodash', why can't I write an import statement for NodeJS code and magically do it all behind the scenes? Is it practical? Maybe. It will show you the power of webpack loaders and an interesting idea at the same time. If you are familiar with NextJS, it's like having an api route, except you don't have to think about request / response logic, you just import functions and they become promise-based!

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